Many people mistakenly believe that people who play on online casinos or are lonely people who are just looking for social interaction. In reality, while some online casino players may indeed be lonely, many people actually use online casinos as a way to escape from the stress of their hectic lives. They choose online casinos, such as Golden Riviera Casino as their escape as opposed to land based casinos because online casinos are very convenient, and provide casino players the opportunity to play their favorite casino games without the hustle, bustle and noise of a brick and mortar casino. When you think of it, playing in online casinos is a rather solitary hobby that does not offer very much social interaction to players unless they choose to engage in live dealer games, which involve a bit more human interaction.

Online Casino Players: All different types of people love playing online casino games at the best online casinos, and people play them for different reasons. There are multiple broad categories of the typical online casino players:

  • Professional Gamblers: Professional gamblers make a living from their gambling, and consider gambling to be their profession. These online casino players are very skilled at the games they play, and have the will power to control the amount of time and money they spend on online casinos. They do not let themselves get out of control. These players are not in fact addicted to gambling, but consider it to be their job. They use their expertise to carefully analyze their odds, and win as much money for themselves as possible.
  • Casual Gamblers: Casual social gamblers use gambling only as a hobby and source of entertainment. Online casinos for them are a form of relaxation and they don't let it interfere with either social or family interactions.
  • Serious Social Gamblers: For serious social gamblers, online casino gambling is a huge source of entertainment and their preferred source of entertainment by far. They would choose to play on online casinos over basically any other leisurely activity. These players are still able to control themselves, and set limits for their gambling. Online casino gambling is not an addiction when it comes to serious social gamblers.
  • Escape Gamblers: Escape or relief gamblers use online casino gambling in order to relieve anxiety, depression, or boredom. They use it to escape some stress or difficulty in their lives. Gambling for these players is less about fun, and more about getting away from some life hardship.
  • Compulsive Gamblers: Compulsive gamblers have completely lost control over their gambling. They are unable to set limits for themselves, and have let online gambling take over their lives. In fact, gambling is the most important thing in their lives. There are many resources, like Gamblers Anonymous Australia available to assist compulsive gamblers, in order to help them break their addiction.

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